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Reputable care and assisted living in Austin

All of Austin Elder Cares at-home maintenance and support plans may be customized to meet your schedule. We realize that life can change at a moment's notice. That is the reason why we choose the special care management process.

It is possible to work with your Care Manager to correct your Frequency of Care program at any time, providing you the peace of mind to understand you.

Assisted Living in Austin

Hourly care at assisted living in Austin

You only need an additional set of hands to help with daily activities that are specific or during a particular time frame. Sometimes, relatives caring for a loved one have to take some intermittent private time away from the house. For these kinds of situations, our hourly maintenance program may be the most inexpensive and useful alternative.

Why Hourly Care Might be the Best Option For You

Hourly care may be the best answer for seniors who live alone and need a little help in keeping up with a few daily tasks around the house. When a client lives with a family that houses generations, the tasks throughout the day can get a little overpowering. In other instances, households may need a little extra assistance a couple of times per week. Our knowledgeable Care Managers for assisted living in Austin can help you assess the requirements and produce a plan to be sure you've got help. We will not stretch your budget because you are only hiring professionals as you need them. Remember that minimum service packages might be required, based upon your specific maintenance needs.

Live-in Care for Assisted Living in Austin

With our Live-In Care strategy, one of our highly-trained caregivers will live with the client for consecutive 24-hour shifts, supplying round-the-clock companionship and at-home care for clients that want more assistance throughout the day plus a constant watchful eye during the night. Our Live-In Care plan is an alternative to living in an assisted living or nursing home center. It provides all the advantages while enabling the consumer to reside in the comfort of their own home.

Why Live-in Care Might be the Best Option For You

Care is the best answer for other homebound clients and seniors who want home health aide or assistance throughout the day but sleep through the evening. Day care in Austin is an excellent alternative for seniors who live alone and might benefit from companionship, homemaker services, and care. The live-in caregiver offers peace-of-mind to the elderly person just by letting them know that someone is there in case of an emergency.

Because caregivers remain in the house for several days, we require that live-in caregivers be supplied with space for sleeping and downtime, be able to use facilities in the house, and have meals covered or provided for them.

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