Day Care in Austin


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Day Care in Austin

As much as we want to give our full attention and time to our senior loved ones, there are some circumstances where we had to employ the help of other people to take care of them. On occasions such as work, out-of-town trips, and other activities where we have to be there are sometimes inevitable. Lucky for you because Day Care in Austin TX is here to temporarily take care of your loved ones while you complete the things you have to do. You can rest assure that the person you cherished the most is in safe hands. Also, we have caregivers and medical staff who are skilled and patient in dealing with different types of people. 

What is Day Care for Adults?

Daycare for adults or adult daycare is a particular program designed to cater to older people who require temporary care for a day. These adults are either entrusted to the carer because they have something to do or seniors who live alone. Day care in Austin has special programs to keep the older adults entertained while supervising and observing their health conditions. The program includes group activities where seniors can socialize and interact with fellow seniors and also other people.

Three Types of Adult Daycare

Services offered in adult daycare vary from the special needs of the seniors and also the requests of the family.

  • 1. Social Day Care
    The program centers around stimulating the senior's life by providing activities that involve social interaction, communication, and meeting new people. The program also encourages the seniors to show and share their skills, knowledge, and special abilities through the interaction program.
  • 2. Adult Day Health Care

    As the name mentioned, the program facilitates medical services, physical check-ups, occupational and speech therapy sessions for the seniors. The activities are facilitated by medical professionals where a registered physician conducts a medical assessment to all concerned seniors before joining the program.

  • 3. Dementia and Alzheimers Day Care

    The service provides exceptional care for older people with cognitive challenges. The prepared activities are suitable to the needs of the seniors. A special place is designed for seniors who experience cognitive relapses to feel comfortable and less threatened.

Social Day Care Program

The activities prepared by Day Care Austin include the following:

  • Arts and Crafts activities for creative expression
  • Entertainment through songs, music, and sing-alongs
  • Mind stimulating games like puzzle, word games, and bingo
  • Light exercise and stretching activities
  • Group discussions
  • Birthday celebrations and holiday events
  • Local trips
  • Eating healthy and nutritious foods and snacks

What You Need to Know

Before deciding to admit your senior loved ones to an adult care facility, make sure to consider the following instances first.

  • Is the daycare registered and has a license?
  • What are the operating hours?
  • What types of services are offered?
  • How many care providers are available? (ratio)
  • Is there a particular program for emergencies?
  • Is transportation available?
  • What kinds of food are prepared? 
  • Do they have special service to seniors with special diets?
  • How much is the service?
  • How is the paying procedure?

Visit Day Care in Austin

There are two ways you can contact us. One is through the phone, or you can personally visit our center at the address provided on our website. Once you have decided to try our service, our staff will have a discussion with you about your plan. An assessment is given first then the center's programs will be explained in detail and in a clear manner.